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Munster Chiropractor Dr. Lisa Hodges

For years I suffered from colds and congestion, menstrual cramps and headaches.

I had already completed two years of nursing school at Indiana University when I got a job at a chiropractic office. I had never heard of chiropractic and had no idea what they did. Just as all new patients did, I had x-rays and an exam. To my surprise, at age 19, I already had degeneration, or arthritis, in my spine. I started getting adjusted and immediately noticed the quality of my health improve. I was young and did not realize that I felt so poorly until I started to feel better. I thought that my symptoms were normal. I decided, from my own incredible results and the hundreds who came through the office where I worked, to become a chiropractor. I was amazed how all these people were being helped with this chiropractor’s hands; with no drugs or surgery. Everyday now in my office, I feel so fortunate to have chosen this path to become a chiropractor. It is an honor to help people regain their health, by letting the body heal itself, with my hands. People can again play with their children, exercise and sleep through the night.

At School

I went to chiropractic school at National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL after graduating from Indiana University. I was surprised at the intensity of the curriculum. We had only 5 weeks off a year for four years. We had anatomy class where we dissected humans. I became more fascinated with the wonders of the human body and how well it works if we don’t interfere.

At the Clinic

My primary goal for my patients and their families is to regain their health and then improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is much easier to maintain a habit than it is to begin a new one. People come in because of pain, but stay for years to stay healthy.

We encourage and offer proper spinal care, exercise, yoga, stretching, orthotics and nutrition.

At Home

I am married to Michael Casey, a personal trainer and former swim coach. We met at the health club. We enjoy running marathons and doing triathlons. We have two small children, Simon and Julia, who have been adjusted since they were born. We love seeing children in our office to maximize their health potentials.

In the Community

I also enjoy serving the community and am Past President and current Board Member of the Munster Chamber of Commerce, and a Rotarian. My other professional affiliations include the Masters Circle, a company dedicated to helping chiropractors build the practices of their dreams, The Winners circle, a company based on personal development and life fulfillment, and the International Chiropractic Association of Indiana.

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