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What Munster Patients Say About Hodges Chiropractic

If you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.

Thank You

I am so glad I decided to see Dr Lisa @hodgeschiropractic. Thank you!

Victor O. (Sept 9/23)

Love this Place

Love this place! Everyone is so informative and kind.

Genevieve M. (Sept 9/23)

Professional and Compassionate

We appreciated the level of compassion and professionalism our son was treated with.

Patrick H (Oct 17/17)

Learned A Lot

Learned a lot about my problem. Better understanding of why.

Karen B (Sept 9/17)

I Look Forward To Working With The Hodges Team

This was my first visit to Hodges Chiropractic. Dr. Hodges spent a lot of time with me and actively listened to what I had to say about my symptoms. She was very sympathetic to my pain and very hopeful that we could correct my problem in a relatively short amount of time. I look forward to working with the Hodges team on maintaining my good health in the years to come!

Julie (July 22/17)

I Have Found A Lifetime Doctor

My first visit made me feel so welcomed and very comfortable. Although I have only been there a week there is much improvement in my pain. Dr.Lisa is GREAT and so is Laurie. Laurie is a great person to have as you walk into the office. She’s friendly and puts you at ease. I feel very confident that Dr. Hodges will be able to help me. I have found a lifetime Dr. So happy to be a patient. I can not say enough good about Hodges Chiropractor and staff.

Debra (July 16/17)

Never Rushed

I never felt rushed and time was taken during my visit to diagnosis and explain the plan of care that I would receive to improve my current issues.

Colette (July 14/17)

Very Thorough

Very thorough. They listened to my health history and asked questions to ensure they have a complete history of my particular issue’s. Different approaches were discussed and the decision was mine to which approach I wanted.

Bradley (May 4/17)

Very Thorough

Very thorough. I appreciated the time given to me to explain past issues before moving forward with any work. The method of hands on approach was greatly appreciated and made experience relaxing which enhanced overall experience.

Mitchell (April 18/17)

MRI Improvement Seen

I had a MRI done in 2004 and then one done last month. The technician reading the MRI stated my most current MRI is Better than the one done in 2004. I credit that to my care here.

Crystal (Dec 19/16)

Excited To Be Here

I am so excited to be here! I am confident that I will be back in line and feeling great!

Beth Ann S. (March 7/16)

Very Happy

Very happy I went. DR. Hodges seems to really care.I felt very comfortable and at ease, that I would be taken care of and my problem would be handled with professionalism and care.Thanks Dr. Lisa.

Bill F. (Oct 5/15)

Feel Confident

I was a new patient, and I called for an appointment and was offered a same day appointment. The staff are kind, energetic and knowledgeable. Dr. Lisa explained everything to me in easy to understand terms, and I feel confident she will be able to help me. I highly recommend this office.

Diane H. (Sept 16/15)

Kind, Compassionate, Helpful And Knowledgeable

I was glad I trusted my instincts from your web site that you and your staff would be kind, compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable. I have immediate trust in your work and its proven to be right on target. Seeing new doctors can be scary, but you put me at ease and I felt very supported during our initial visit. Thank you so much for welcoming me to your service.

Joan S. (Sept 15/15)

Relief From The Terrible Pain

Lori is just great to work with in regards to paperwork, scheduling and just about anything else she can do to make you at ease. Dr. Lisa gave me a lot of confidence that I can be helped with the therapy and made it clear that it will not happen overnight. I had a very thorough exam and from that she knows exactly what I need to have done. After 3 visits I have already realized a great deal of relief from the terrible pain I had when I first limped in the door. I highly recommend this practice!

Thomas H. (July 9/15)

Very Pleased

Very pleased with our first visit and treatment.

Arlene T. (June 19/15)

Great Experience

I have had a great experience, all staff is very kind and helpful.

Melissa E. (April 29/15)

Feeling Better

Felt better than I have in weeks after having my first treatment.

Jane R. (Feb 24/15)


Had a wonderful visit and was heard and helped by Dr. Hodges.

Stephanie B. (Jan 26/15)


The friendly, considerate staff did not disappoint in the slightest. I came for a good old fashioned back-cracking and left with not only that, but tons of useful information on my own wellness. Extremely glad I went!

Giancarlo M. (Nov 7/14)

Better Future

My first visit went very well. The reception was comfortable, all questions were answered and I was quite contented with the exam. I am, indeed, fully expectant that I will get healthier with Dr. Lisa’s help and advice for a better future.

Judith M. (Oct 31/14)


I am very excited about experiencing what chiropractic care can do to help me. The doctor was very knowledgeable, friendly, and good explaining things so that I could understand. I have been skeptical of chiropractic care my entire life, but finally see how this fits into my overall health plan.

Deborah G. (Oct 2/14)

Information about the Cause

I received a lot of information about the cause of my pain and am confident that Dr. Hodges will be able to significantly reduce it if not eliminate it all together.

Robert C. (May 9/14)

Back and Neck Pain

I appreciate Dr. Lisa’s down to earth attitude. Very accommodating to my schedule. I love her daughter’s artwork on the walls. I’m a mother of three and I love that her children are important regardless of “work.” The friendly atmosphere is great AND my back and arm are better. She is a tiny but tough doctor that I believe knows her field.

Ana M. (Jan 5/14)

Pleasant Experience

I have never been to a medical appointment and found the experience so fascinating. Everything was explained thoroughly and made so much sense. The staff was professional, but also made it feel like you have known them forever.

Monica G. (Dec 4/13)

Back in Track

Visit was some time back. I had an issue with my L4 vertebrae that needed adjustment. Dr. Hodges got me back on track just before leaving for our 25th anniversary trip.

Brad W. (Nov 22/12)

Arm Pain

I came to Dr.Lisa with an issue with my arm. I was impressed by her story on how she became a chiropractor, and also that she was a runner, as am I. She and her staff are friendly and professional. The issue with my arm has resolved, but I go back to see her to get adjusted time to time. I have referred others to her practice and would refer anyone having issues to go and visit Hodges!

Carri-Massau A. (Nov 18/13)

So Pleased

I’ve been so pleased that I have recommended Lisa Hodges to friends, something I rarely do.

Stephen B. (Nov 13/13)

You’re the Best!

Dr Lisa was so kind & helpful. Very informative also. Lori at the front desk was wonderful & made my experience very relaxing. I look forward to coming back & telling all my friends to come too. You’re the best Dr Lisa!

Louise B. (Sept 20/13)